New Zealand ACC e-Solution

An elegant web application that helps you schedule appointments, manage client notes, and invoice ACC.
Built for AcNZ and NZASA practitioners since 2013.

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Pure Cloud Solution

A pure cloud solution that allows you to access your data anywhere on all modern browsers.1

Appointment Scheduling

An appointment scheduler that supports drag & drop and appointment duplication helps you schedule your appointments in seconds.2

Patient Management

Save and manage your patient details, including injury history and treatment information. Use predefined or personalised templates to help you create treatment records within clicks.


Generate reports that give a glance of your daily activities, which help you find dates with missing or inconsistent records.


eNote integrates with ACC Invoicing API so that you can invoice ACC without sharing your personal digital certificate with us. This means invoicing can only be done from devices that have your certificate installed.3

Why eNote?


Produce client notes that meet ACC standards and allow direct invoicing to ACC

Smart Notifications

Appointment overlapping alert, daily invoice limit alert, duplicate patient alert, and much more...


Industry standard encryption that keeps your info secure.

Auto Updates

Web-based design makes application updates happen automatically.

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Address: 37A Federal St, Auckland 1010, NZ

  1. eNote Pro does not work on Internet Explorer. It may not be supported on certain browsers.
  2. Drag & Drop does not work on touch screen.
  3. Invoicing may not work on all browsers or devices due to compatiblity issue. HealthLink does not claim its digital certificate works on mobile devices, hence there's no guarantee it will work under certain environment.